What are the best toys for Toddlers?

What are the best toys for Toddlers?

How often have you found yourself confused about picking a toy for your toddler???

Quite often……

Shall I pick those flashy light cars or the vrooming airplane? Ohhh!!! WAIT… These toys with multiple buttons, flashlights, those blazing music off course with a volume to adjust a flap-like laptop sound great. It even states it’s good for the child’s cognitive development. But is it good!!! According to some researcher’s children tend to talk late when their toys start speaking.

So, what to choose for those little bundles of joys:

Choose a toy that grows with the child:

You buy a toy give it to the child to play with for a day or two they simply grow out of it.  Toddlers often get bored with a toy easily if it does not match their cognitive level. Try choosing a toy that will grow with your child.

e.g., Plastic toy animals, trucks, trains, stuffed toys.

Choose a toy that can be played in multiple ways:

Toddlers are curious they love to take a toy, pull it apart and then fix it back again. Sometimes they remember how to fix it perfectly, sometimes they get a new plan of fixing their toy. Get a toy that would work if fixed anyhow.

e.g., Blocks, magnetic tiles, interlocking blocks which can be fixed in multiple ways and played.

Choose toys that encourage exploration and problem-solving:

Toddlers not only love problems but at that stage of brain development, they even try to solve problems, though it’s not always correct. But we can help feed their problem-solving habits with the help of toys that help children develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, spatial relation skills, etc.

e.g., Puzzles, shape sorter blocks, paint, crayons, playdough.

Choose toys that spark the imagination:

Creating problems and finding solutions to those problems needs a bout of imagination. Some days you may find your toddler acting like a king or the other day it would be a builder getting something that would feed the child’s imagination and help nurture it.

e.g., Dress -up clothing for pretend plays, dollhouse accessories.

Choose something that looks like real stuff:

We often find kids getting interested in the spoon and plate or bowl and fork on the dining table that is because they are figuring out how things work. Try getting them things that resemble the real thing.

e.g., Toy pots, pans, spoons.

Choose something that encourages physical activity:

Toddlers are more physically active and confident with their bodies. They love jumping around the house. Choose a toy that would encourage this.

e.g., Balls of different sizes used for different games.

Choose something that encourages reading:

Throwing in some magnetic books or felt books or sensory books will help the child develop the habit of reading and help the toddler move places through a book.

Choose something that encourages emotional development:

A simple board game on a family evening would be helpful for the child to grow and play. The child will learn how to deal with the emotions of winning and losing.

 Your choice of toys for your toddler can increase creativity, curiosity, independence, problem-solving, social and emotional independence.

By Fatima Naik (An experienced Mother)

Check out the video below on how to Get Your Toddler’s Fine Motor Skills and Coordination on Track! 


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