How do I know which product to select from any collection?

Try and select a toy, which you know your child will be intrigued by, even if that be something completely new that you have exposed them with. Look for age appropriate toys for your child. Each product comes with guidelines for which age group it is appropriate for.

What’s the difference between Fine Motor Skills and Sensory Play?

Fine motor skills are those that require the ability to use and coordinate small muscle groups and are important for writing, shoe-tying, buttoning, and zipping, among other things. Sensory play often involves using and building fine motor skills by exploring things using pinching, pouring, lacing movements and lots more. Read our blog on Fine Motor Skills and Sensory Play for more info!

How do I foster and create an Imaginative Play and learning environment for my child?

You can provide the right resources and toys to foster that kind of environment but you cant force learning to occur with Imaginative Play as it is usually innate and automatic. Children learn so much through play without even realising it. Read our blog on Imaginative Play for more info!

How do I provide the full learning experience with any toy purchased from Eager Little Beavers?

Each toy purchased from Eager Little Beavers comes with an instructional handout which provides you insightful information on how your toy/learning resource can be utilised in the best way possible. You can also follow our Instagram page @eagerlittlebeavers for more amazing play ideas with our lovely collections!

How do I care for the Products I have purchased?

Our products are designed for children and are therefore appropriately designed to be easily cleaned. If you’ve chosen to purchase a varnished or painted product, simply wipe your item down with a clean, damp cloth as required. No need for sanding, scrubbing or repainting.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex) and Paypal payments

I would like to send as a gift, is this possible?

Eager Little Beavers can absolutely send a gift on your behalf. Please let us know your intentions by adding a note at checkout and we will ensure the invoice is removed from your package prior to postage.