Parents Guide to the Early Years of Childhood

1. The Role of Parents- (Being a good one) It may come to your realisation that the role you play in your child’s life during the first five years is perhaps the most crucial role. During this time- your children have fewer external influences and therefore they choose you to imitate and obtain certain traits from. It is our duty to create an environment in which our children can flourish, reach their potential and some what become as nurtured as

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The Right Physical Environment for Children

The Right Physical Environment for Children A child’s development is influenced by a wide range of factors that are governed by both nature and nurture. Understanding some of these factors can help parents address their child’s needs. The environment your child grows up in, attention, affection given by parents, acceptance by parents in daily life, overall diet can be a major influence on his/her life. One of the most important influencing factors on your child’s development is the physical environment

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What are the best toys for Toddlers?

What are the best toys for Toddlers? How often have you found yourself confused about picking a toy for your toddler??? Quite often…… Shall I pick those flashy light cars or the vrooming airplane? Ohhh!!! WAIT… These toys with multiple buttons, flashlights, those blazing music off course with a volume to adjust a flap-like laptop sound great. It even states it’s good for the child’s cognitive development. But is it good!!! According to some researcher’s children tend to talk late when

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