How can a toy/resource be used in many ways? (Examples of Learning through Play)

As a primary educator, a mother and now a small business owner, I have gained various learning experiences and considerable skills over the past couple of years. This experience has allowed me to decide what and how my child learns to play with certain toys. Through evident observation, it is relatively simple to see that a child only thrives when given a challenge. Children are given the right environment and skillset to adhere to those challenges and learn to problem-solve with time. There are big toys and learning resources on the market, but they can use only a few in various ways. Open-ended toys are more likely to be used for play-based Learning. With open-ended play, there are no set outcomes, meaning there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’; play will go in the direction your child’s mind takes them. The open-ended play toys we offer at Eager Little Beavers are proudly designed to allow your children to develop their social, problem solving, language, communication, cognitive ability, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, creativity and more.
When you pick up a toy or a learning resource, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? It’s usually, oh, I wonder how I can play with this? How is my child going to play with this? What comes to my mind is, what skills will my child gain by playing with this? What changes can I make in their Learning through this purchase? These are the core fundamental questions that should come to our minds when purchasing.
Let’s look at some products Eager Little Beavers offers and how they are open-ended toys.

Montessori Wooden Alphabet Educational Double-Sided Tracing Board

Our wooden tracing board may look like a boring alphabet board, but it is pretty versatile and open-ended. With the tracing board, you can engage in all kinds of learning through play. This engraved alphabet tracing board has gently curved grooves, providing a form to trace with either your finger or the tracing stick. A wonderful learning experience provides your child with many ways to play, such as tracing, filling, crayon rubbing, play dough pressing, and games such as “what letter makes this sound” or “trace the letters to spell the word cat.” Follow @eagerlittlebeavers on Instagram for more ideas. The “Reversible” option is one board, but both sides are engraved. So, lowercase on one side and uppercase on the other side.

Here are some other ways we’ve used the tracing board:
1. Trace the letter in the sensory bin and identify the letter on the tracing board
– Fine motor skills developed
– Language and social skills developed
– Hand-eye coordination skills developed
– Sensory skills developed

2. Learn letter formation and begin tracing from the star
– This is great in helping your child to know where to begin tracing from and develop their fine motor skills at the same time

Solar System Felt Interactive Play Mat/Poster

Learning about the solar system doesn’t have to be boring; it can also be fun! There are so many interesting facts about our solar system, whether it be about the planets, their position, or just the chemistry behind every one of them. Children everywhere need quality learning experiences when engaging in topics such as Space; therefore, it is essential to have quality resources to use whilst learning. Whether in a classroom, a playroom or simply your tv lounge room, this fantastic interactive solar system mat is just the right tool you need.

Here are some other ways we’ve used the Solar System Felt Mat:
????Learning to match using a point of reference (we used our chalkboard table to draw the solar system and used that to refer to with the mat)

????Identifying and recognising planets and their names

????Engaging in sensory play
????Identify and recognise colours
????Colour matching

Wooden Castle Building Blocks for Boys and Girls – Early Education Toy

Are you sick of thinking of ideas of where to get inspiration from and how to create an open-ended play environment?! Play doesn’t have to be complex or structured for your child to learn and gain skills. It could be simple and relatively easy to set up as well. We can use something as simple as wooden blocks in several ways without other extra items or toys needed unless necessary. Our wooden castle-inspired wooden blocks are one of the finest quality blocks, which are great for any form of dramatic/imaginative play. Something as simple as blocks are great for developing fine/gross motor skills, problem-solving skills, cognitive thinking and concentration, encouraging creative and dramatic play, and communication skills. Toddlers and children of all ages enjoy playing with blocks, especially ones which are vastly versatile and are heaps of fun to play with. How is that possible, you may ask? How can wooden blocks be used in many ways? Well, let me show you!

Here are some other ways we’ve used the castle blocks:

 Created a mosque during Ramadan and discussed the significance of it
 Constructed a marble run using the blocks and Rainbow Stackers
 Tracing the blocks using a template
 Photo blocks
 Imaginative play (Creating a castle)
 Make a monster blocks

Here are some fantastic ways to utilise some of the toys/resources at ELB. One reason we even began ELB was to teach others like me how easy it is to create meaningful play experiences for your little one. It feels like a burden is lifted when our children are engaged, happy and learning through play simultaneously. Remember, Learning should never be limited to a certain degree; it is almost everywhere around us and can be conducted in numerous ways. One must be equipped enough to provide those experiences for their young ones to understand the world through play.

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