Imaginative Play

My teaching experience and working with children spans over a period of around thirty years. I have played with children, taught them, shared stories and life experiences with them as well. Imaginative play is of paramount importance in the lives of growing children. They absorb information from their surroundings and from the people around them and then love to act it out. I still remember playing with my siblings and cousins imagining that we were getting our dolls married. We

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Importance Of Your Relationship With Your Child

In life, it is a reality that we usually become what we were involved with and taught since we were born. The environment we live in and the people surrounding us all affect our physical and mental development, therefore, impacting our thinking, decisions, well-being, and actions. Parents play an important role in our lives as role models and examples. Parents and children hold a special bond between themselves. As the parent has the responsibility of helping their children develop and

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